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Aquadry Waterproofing
Aquadry Waterproofing
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Serving Marietta

Finally there is a team of licensed and insured contractors in Marietta that you can trust. Aquadry Waterproofing is proud to be your full-service waterproofing and foundation expert in Marietta, GA, and beyond. We repair water damage, fix foundation problems, restore cracks and bowed walls, and much more. Our services also come with affordable financing and the industry’s best transferable warranty.

Expect the Best

You can expect the best service and the most professional work when you choose Aquadry Waterproofing. Our foundation piering and waterproofing services are permanent solutions that prevent the same problem from reoccurring ever again, so we offer a full, transferable warranty. This means that we not only guarantee our work for as long as you live in and own your home, but we’ll transfer this same warranty to the next family who lives there after you. After all, it’s the home that needed repairs, and the home doesn’t move when you do. 

The warranty is an amazing benefit, but it’s not the only one. We want you to be thrilled with your experience with us. We want you to love the professional results and be happy to have your home restored and repaired as fast as possible. Our team of waterproofing contractors works quickly and safely to make your home brand new again.

Full Service Repairs

Home repairs rarely happen one at a time. Sometimes, when it rains, it pours. The same is true when it comes to water damage issues and foundation settling. Multiple problems are tied to these incidents. Settling can lead to bowed walls, cracked walls and foundation, and water flooding. Flooding can lead to further water damage within the foundation and the framing of a house, and mold and mildew damage to other possessions. That’s why we’re dedicated to fixing every aspect of the problem with permanent solutions.

Our home foundation repair includes piering to immediately correct and prevent further settling. But we don’t stop there. We proceed to repair basement wall bowing, crawl space damage, carpentry, and other issues. Foundation crack repair is rarely a one-trick fix, and you’ll never have to worry whether the job is taken care of with us.

Complete Waterproofing

Waterproofing is an equally important service we provide to our Marietta residents and business peers. Whether your water damage is minimal, just beginning, or a full-on basement flood situation, we can help. We extract all-water, dehumidify the affected area, treat and prevent the growth of mold and mildew and other waterborne bacteria, and waterproof the home from further water damage. Please call us for an estimate and find out why we’re Georgia’s top choice.

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