4 Advantages of Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing a Foundation

Water can penetrate your basement through gradual seepage, a broken pipe, or storm water. When this happens, you face many problems like water damaged furniture and floor coverings. But [....]

Methods of Concrete Foundation Repair

Foundation piers

Your foundation is kind of a big deal. It is literally the things upon which the rest of your home rests and resides, and, without it, your home would be unstable and unsafe. Fortunately [....]

Facts about Foundation Piering

Home foundation

It’s natural for a home’s foundation to settle some. Especially during the first 10 years following construction, it’s common for a concrete foundation to crack as the [....]

Steps to Prevent Basement Leaks

Steps to Prevent Basement Leaks

A leaky basement can be a headache and a worry for a home owner. When disaster strikes, there’s rarely time to make repairs in order to protect your foundation, basement, and the po [....]

4 FAQs about Your Basement and Foundation

Basement repair

Your home’s foundation is often ignored, yet it is crucial for the overall stability and safety of your entire house. Whether your home is newly-built or decades old, keeping an eye on [....]

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