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How can I recognize moisture problems when there is not water present?

The funny thing about basements and water is that all too often we don't react until we see water. Just like medical problems, there are usually symptoms, I am often called because of a "funny" smell (typically musty). This indicates mold presence. Discoloration of wood framing or sheet rock. Pest activety to include millipedes, spiders, crickets and most ground dwelling insects. Rusty fittings on gas lines and furnaces. Even simply "heavy air" i.e. excessive humidity. More often than not, these go unnoticed until they become moderate to extreme, affecting health, structural integrity and the general condition of the home. As for 

Larry Maxson
crawl spaces, we typically go into them once or twice a year if ever. The symptoms can overwhelm a crawlspace in just one rainy season and ironically these symptoms only need as little as 40% humidity to grow and thrive. We home owners like to focus on the aesthetics of our home. Unfortunately, we often take our foundations for granted "they are just there". Don't let moisture become bigger problems! Call today for a free estimate.
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